ATO Work Weekend: February 1-3, 2008

Despite an icy winter storm on Friday (February 1) that turned the ATO parking lot into a solid sheet of ice, we were able to address many of the items that were listed on the Fire Department and Building Department's lists of deficiencies.

I met with John Shipe, of the Ithaca Building Department, on Friday, and we have a plan to get a "conditional" certificate of compliance that may allow the undergraduates to use the house for meetings and one meal a week this spring. The goal is to address all the fire department violations and the major building items on the basement and first floor by beginning of March. This would allow us to open the house up for reunion events and parents weekend. We are still on track to have the undergraduates in the house full time next fall.

The city has requested that we lock the bedrooms on the second and third floors to prevent people from sleeping over until we get the "final" certificate of compliance. We can try to get the second and third floors ready by late March so that alumni can stay in the house for the April and May work weekends.

Over a dozen of the undergraduates, including new pledges, stopped in over the weekend and were able to address a number of items including: fixing the fire exit door to the parking lot and clearing the exit path; cleaning out the pit and reconnecting the sump pump; replacing ceiling tiles in the basement bar and laundry room; fixing the roof over the pit exit; installing light bulb guards in the attic and closets; storing all the flammable liquids in an UL/FM-approved storage cabinet; and removing the old freezer and refrigerators from the kitchen.

I had a meeting with the undergraduates on Saturday and explained why the building has been posted, what we are doing to correct the violations as soon as possible, and what they can do to help as well.

More kudos to Bill Duthie and his company. His crew has painted the kitchen, dining room and bar area and they look 100 percent better.

SMC and Cosentini Construction have been working to get all the inspections up to date and repairs done.

I wasn't able to get any pictures and I cannot locate the list of undergraduates that helped out, but my sincere thanks to all of you who pitched in. It was great to see so many of the new pledges jumping in to help.

Gordon "Blade" Toleman '78